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This is the place where I intend to share my cel collection with you. I'm a big fan of Yasuomi Umetsu's artwork, so that's pretty much the only thing you'll find here. I'm fairly new to cel collecting, but I think I've gathered a few rare items, that you'll probably enjoy. Have fun! ^_^

News & Updates

9/11/2019It's been a while! Not much to show this time around. Basically just the new Key Animation Drawing book with Mezzo Forte storyboards. Enjoy :)
11/20/2017It's been a while! Truth be told, being a Yasuomi Umetsu fan hasn't been very exciting in the past years, as nothing comes out that is really great (anime) or that I can afford (cels, etc). Still, sorry for the lack of updates, but that's life :)
1/12/2017A bit late but Happy New Year! Sorry for the lack of updates, but the reason is the same as always. No Time :( Hopefully I can find some this year!

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Beta Awards 2008 (1) 12/15/2008
Cut Scenes (7) 9/11/2019
My Drawings (8) 12/7/2014
A Kite (39) 9/13/2015
Artbooks (40) 9/11/2019
Backgrounds (5) 8/26/2008
Casshan Robot Hunter (27) 6/13/2013
Cool Devices Yellow Star (32) 3/11/2013
Ellcia OVA (14) 3/21/2013
Gatchaman OVA (31) 6/13/2013
Hurricane Polymar OVA (37) 9/13/2015
Kite Liberator (16) 9/1/2012
Laser Discs (9) 2/13/2011
Megazone 23 (16) 9/24/2012
Mezzo DSA (54) 8/26/2008
Mezzo Forte (21) 11/1/2010
Posters (8) 11/7/2010
Twilight Theatre (9) 3/6/2013
Wizard Barristers (27) 12/7/2014

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